Our former sales Janky Fan(Fan Li) was fired for our boss found him stealing our pictures and pattern informations and selling to another factories. He sent many emails to our clients saying we are not factory, is him help us make the dresses.Recently we got many complaints from many clients, they got many emails with blind prices list with our pictures from different suplliers.They also got many emails from Janky Fan(Fan Li) saying he used to open one bridal shop established on 2019-08-21, and now his friend’s son just opened new cloth factory established on 2021-12-21.He told our clients he can take our pictures and pattern informations to his friend’s new established factory help our clients make the dresses.I’m not sure if you got such emails, our other clients are very confused and annoyed.

Attached are the two business certificates attached from him, please see the pictures,1st one was certifiate for the bridal shop established 2019-8-21, the second one is new cloth factory estacblished on 2021-12-21, he said the owner of the new one is his firend’s son.

My boss told me that for now we can just need inform all our clients about this thing,telling them to be careful. That’s enough. In the future, we would make every dress well, and control the delivery, make every wedding dress in good quality. Our designer apartment will make new designs every month for our clients choosing. It’s useless explaining too much to our clients, we would use the fact to defeat such about false event. Thanks so much for all our cleints’ support.

We wish you have a bright happy new year.

The Crystal Of Love